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Learning from the master

5 februari 2011

Nick Bollettieri is probably the most famous and well known names when it comes to tennis coaching. Nick is a few months shy of his 80th birthday and is still burning the mid night oil at his well celebrated academy in Bradenton, Florida. Nick can be seen almost everyday on court at 6am, usually goes home for lunch and returns until sometimes 7pm.

Nick is not just a coach, he’s a motivator, teacher and somebody that even at his age, still wants to learn more! However, there’s one thing that really sticks out for me about a man that has seen it all and worked with the very best players in the world (10 numbers 1’s). That ‘thing’ is called passion. In my opinion, there’s no one that can parallel this man for his work ethic, passion and love for the game.

Just yesterday I was walking past his court at the academy, when he shouted “Macca, Macca, come over here and see this 10 year old kid i got here”. He was so proud and enthusiastic about his next up and coming talent.

I have been privileged to get to know the man over dinner, lunches and in the workplace and have been taught that each day is a gift when you have the opportunity to improve somebody else’s life be it through a sport, job or other activity.

Until next time,

Be blessed!

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